Tekiu facilitates different perspectives

through Discovery Trips, Workshops & Policy Research

What we offer

Tekiu is in the business of knowledge transfer, VIP technical visits, policy engagement, workshop facilitation and science communication. We create the circumstances for people to discover something new, with an emphasis on international and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. Working closely with our clients, we develop innovative programmes for trips and workshops that bring new light to a subject, enabling the individuals involved to drive forward their thinking and break free from old paradigms and professional silos. For an example of our work on video, please visit YouTube.


Our expertise

The expertise of Tekiu’s founders has seen us organise high-quality technical visits and facilitate workshops in the fields of engineering, space science, healthcare, environmental science and citizen science. Our background in research and science policy analysis enables us to tackle all new subjects with rigour and we are open to consulting clients on topics broadly within science and innovation policy. We are equally at home working with high-level policy makers, civil servants and industry decision makers for international policy exchange visits or with individuals from grassroots, civic society and community groups to explore science as culture through events and workshops.

Our history

The name Tekiu was phonetically derived from ‘tequio’, a concept that for the Nahuatl people means an organised form of work for communal benefit.

Tekiu purposefully builds on this tradition to organise experiences for both individual and communal benefit. At Tekiu, we believe that community is built by focusing on group experiences for the growth of individuals. Since 2012 Tekiu has run Discovery Trips for industry and government leaders to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the UK on topics such as biotechnology, energy, innovation and even integration policies. Since 2016 Tekiu also participates in DITOs funded by the European Commission.