We are Tekiu

Meet the people who plan, map and execute bespoke
solutions for successful Discovery Trips.

Cindy Regalado

Managing Director & Co-founder

PhD Engineering, MSc Rural Planning and Development

Cindy is an entrepreneur and researcher with many years experience in environmental monitoring, social policy, community development, programme monitoring and evaluation, and public engagement in science and technology. She earned her BAH and MSc at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada, where she developed her passion for social and urban innovation. She recently earned her PhD in Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at University College London, UK. Her early research and projects focused on how people thrive by innovating solutions and build capacity in rapidly changing socio-economic and environmental landscapes and how to connect social innovations to governmental frameworks. More recent work has focused on environmental monitoring and community-led development of monitoring technologies. She co-founded Tekiu to promote goal-oriented transdisciplinary knowledge sharing and organisational inquisitiveness.

Alan Every

Business Development Analyst

MSc Cardiovascular Sciences

Alan joined Tekiu in September 2019 to help with business development. He is responsible for in-depth research for Discovery Trips as well as advising on investment for both UK and Turkish companies as part of the T-DEB project. Originally from Suffolk, Alan studied for a BSc in Biology before completing an MSc in Cardiovascular Sciences at UCL in 2018. Before joining Tekiu he was head of Client Management at a start-up tuition agency in West London.

Thomas Malmer

Advisory Board Member

MSc Economics & Political Science

Since 2011, Thomas Malmer runs a communication and management consultancy, focusing on strategic communication, background analyses and development of knowledge-based organisations. Thomas joined Tekiu in March 2017 to advise on corporate development and communications. Thomas has extensive experience in building mutual understanding and partnerships between industry, research organisations and politics. Much of his work is about public affairs in R&D, education and industrial policy and ranges from investigating and performing background analyses, writing of articles, organising and moderating discussions and meetings, to setting up new organisations or research platforms. Thomas has been Programme Director at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), CEO for the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, expert adviser to the Environmental Advisory Council of the Swedish Government’s Cabinet Office, and continues to sit on the boards of various private and non-profit organisations. He also had a past part-time engagement as city council politician, which gave him a deep, hands-on understanding of how politics works.

Ted Fjällman

Executive Director & Co-founder

PhD Biotechnology

Ted is an Executive with many years experience in R&D and building companies. He has also worked with R&D policy matters at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Sweden. He is currently CEO NorthX Biologics, which manufactures advanced biologics and vaccines and is Partner at Flerie Invest, a European venture capital firm focused on drug development investments in Europe and the US. Ted co-founded Tekiu in order to widen his and others’ horizons to new applications of technology, new ways of organising society and to meet inspiring people and organisations. Ted believes in the positive spirit of innovation triggered by dynamic challenges as a driver for both personal and community development.