Evaluation and impact assessment services

Tekiu can help you catalyse the knowledge in your project or organisation, and help you discover the power of evaluation as an organisational strategy to innovate your products and services.

Supporting interventions for lasting impact

Tekiu provides a range of knowledge exchange and capacity building solutions that help you to systematically monitor projects, document pathways to impact and transform lessons learnt into actions and ultimately deliver lasting impact. We also provide access to hundreds of experts in science, research and innovation that can support your work and organisational growth.

Support to measure impact

We recognise that each project and organisational need is different and that time is valuable. This is why we take a tailored approach to help your organisation build an outcome and impact measurement approach that fits your pace and requirements.

We also ensure that your team gains the skills needed to gather, interpret, communicate and implement the approach. This generates a shared understanding and vision, maximising internal team communication and growing your organisational capacity.

We help you gather information and use it to adapt and improve your work so that you can evidence and communicate the difference you are making to your current or prospective funders. Our commitment to lasting impact means that your organisation will be able to monitor and evaluate its projects - not just once, but always.

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External evaluations

We provide independent assessment of your projects, programmes, or organisation, which can be used to provide e.g. shareholders or funders with information on your organisational learning, project development and impact. We offer different approaches to evaluation to suit the requirements of your project and funder.

A chart showing when different approaches to evaluation can be used: Developmental evaluation - early in the project when there are high levels of uncertainty; Formative evaluation - when project context has low uncertainty and evaluation can contribute to improvements; Summative evaluation - when an assessment about the project's effectiveness needs to be made, usually at the end or after the project's end; Logic-model evaluation throughout the project life-cycle


Supports ongoing development and iterative adaptation of innovation projects in complex, uncertain and dynamic conditions / environments


Monitoring and evaluation to identify gaps in efficiency and effectiveness and support improvement


Programme assessment against objectives and KPIs to validate results, methods and accountabilities

Logic model-based

Provides funders with quantitative and qualitative information to track a programme’s effectiveness and overall performance

Organisational and strategic support

We help your organisation assess its organisational strategy with an analysis of the existing strategic, operational, human resources, and organisational capacity and infrastructure.

We build your organisation’s capacity to identify the needs, weak points and opportunities and support you to align resources, strategies and objectives to deliver targeted, relevant and impactful projects.

Through an examination of your current performance, we support you in identifying where you are now and where you would like to be so that an actionable plan can be sketched out to help you get there.

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Training & capacity building

We provide tailored, needs-based and expert-led capacity building for organisations and their team members to master tools and methods that will remove the burden of monitoring and reporting and maximising capacity for reflection and action learning.

Our clients

International scope

  • Doing It Together Science - European Commission, EU H2020
  • Global Innovation Partnership Programme - UKRI Innovate UK
  • MELiSSA programme - European Space Agency

National scope

  • Capturing our Coast - Newcastle University, LHFD
  • Opening up Science for All, OPENER - University of Reading, UKRI NERC
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