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Wood PLC

Wood PLC makes new capital investments across a broad range of energy and industrial markets. With a proven business model, they are well positioned for growth and expansion but they also want to create new and innovative solutions and ensure that they are making the most out of the opportunities that their investments offer.

“Before you commit to an investment you need a discovery piece – you need to discover what other opportunities there are. Tekiu can provide B2B 360 before making new investments to answer: ‘have we thought through this?’”

Tekiu Discovery Trips

Tekiu can offer Discovery Trips before the investment takes place or during its early stages to ascertain value for money and explore additional factors that have to be taken into account (e.g. public relations, reputation management, ecological balance, etc.).

We can work with your team beginning with a pre-discovery trip workshop to collect questions about the new investment and identify actors that can shed light on or provide solutions in those areas. We use this information to design a bespoke Discovery Trip to the investment location for the delegation team to meet and discuss with key stakeholders, and experience possible innovations that could provide value for your investment.

We arrange all the logistics and prepare briefing background materials so that the delegates can focus on what matters. We have worked with large companies like ABB and Siemens, Government departments across Europe and innovative SMEs and university groups from e.g. ETH Zurich and Imperial College London.


Initial ideas based on meeting 19th June

  • Replication of CoLabs: Specialist Technical Solutions (STS) has created a CoLab in Houston, Texas to support the ideation process. We understand that there are plans to replicate these CoLabs in new geographies including Singapore, Middle East, and Europe. Tekiu can help to adapt new CoLabs to local conditions and trends in innovation.
  • Digital transformation: We understand that Wood would like to prepare its different business units for digital transformation stemming from a digitalisation and technology enhancement strategy. Tekiu may be able to support this by designing partnering trips to identify innovators of new key digital and technical approaches that can extend the range of products/services that Wood provides. Through B2B partnering trips Tekiu may also help to determine what new access or training a particular business unit could use. We have designed B2B partnering trips for Innovate UK between UK and Turkish companies who are interested in combining each other’s capabilities. We also have excellent connections in Sweden and Switzerland.
  • Delivery partner: Wood bids for contracts with e.g. the World Bank and the European Commission, which sometimes necessitates or can benefit from SME involvement. Tekiu has recently completed a three-year Horizon 2020 project and is a registered supplier with the European commission system. We are currently delivering UK government contract and are registered with Crown Commercial Services.

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Tekiu’s Discovery Trips

What we do

Tekiu organises high-quality technical and fact-finding visits in various sectors including research and innovation systems, technology and science, social policy. We call these visits Discovery Trips because they create the circumstances for people to discover something new, with an emphasis on international and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. We are in the business of knowledge transfer, international benchmarking, and business partnering. We drive forward organisational thinking and help participants to break free from professional and market silos. Working closely with our clients, we prepare bespoke experiences based on the client’s input and needs analysis collected at our pre-trip workshop or through closely working with a contact designated by the client; it is important to us that we deliver something that is uniquely suited to our client’s situation.

How do we do it

We help our clients identify innovation and knowledge gaps through pre-trip workshops and/or working with your staff.

We tailor your fact-finding mission based on key focused questions and solutions you seek – at the policy level, to meet and discuss with key decision-makers; at the practical level, with site visits to experience solutions as they are on the ground; and with a focus on analysis, by meeting with key stakeholders who can share lessons learned, projections, and forecasts.

Discovery Trips are designed to offer a range of perspectives on these questions and bridge gaps to discover new approaches and opportunities and build lasting international relationships – we support this through post-Discovery Trip workshops and follow-ups.

Core competencies & geographies

Tekiu’s Discovery Trips have connected innovative countries such as the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, other European & English-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries. We expertise in Health and Life Sciences, Engineering & Planning, Research & Innovation Systems, Digitalistion & Smart Cities, and Social & Public Policy.

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