UK Business Exchanges for Development in Turkey: Turkish Delights & English Breakfast (T-DEB)

This page provides general information about T-DEB. Read more about applying to T-DEB workshops, first step of the project, on individual theme pages: smart cities and digital economy, environmental and agricultural technologies, and healthcare including medtech and biotech.
Apply for T-DEB workshops here. Izmir workshops deadline fast approaching: 1 July!

Supporting British and Turkish innovation partnerships

At Tekiu we are passionate about bridging international divides through knowledge exchange that catalyses innovation. Through T-DEB, our InnovateUK-funded ‘Newton Fund’ programme, we are committed to supporting Turkish and British organisations (private companies, social enterprises or NGOs) in taking initial steps towards long-lasting innovative collaborations. Our aim for this two-year programme is to aid them in a journey to learn from each other, extend their horizons and to facilitate exchanges.

T-DEB is a multi-phase iterative programme delivered with leading partners of the Turkish innovation ecosystem

Tekiu specialises in running bespoke overseas missions called Discovery Trips, which focus on quality and depth of interaction in knowledge exchange and partnership building. T-DEB focuses on three areas: healthcare, environmental technologies and smart cities/digital economy, facilitating tailored exchanges, networking and first-hand experiences of the British and Turkish innovation ecosystems.

During the first phase of the project Tekiu will run ‘needs assessment workshops‘ with partners in Turkey. These workshops will provide an opportunity for Turkish participants to find out how to apply for the partnership building exchanges to the UK. The workshops will also help us to capture and better understand the needs that innovative companies in Turkey face so that we can design more targeted exchanges to the UK. At these workshops we will also have guest business champions sharing their lessons learnt in building successful partnerships in the UK.

The Discovery Trips between Britain and Turkey will take place between 2019 and 2020. These are tailored networking partnership missions to the UK from Turkey and capacity building partnership missions to Turkey from the UK.

The main segments of the project timeline are as follows:


Participation in the T-DEB programme is open to all interested organisations across Turkey – there is no charge, but selection of participation will be based on merit.

Partners in Turkey


Türkiye Teknoloji Geliştirme Vakfı (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey)


Bilkent Cyberpark

ODTÜ Teknokent


Teknopark Izmir

Interested in applying to take part in one of our workshops?

Smart Cities and Digital Economy

Environmental and Agricultural Technologies

Healthcare including Medtech and Biotech


For additional information about the T-DEB programme and upcoming events please contact Ekin Genç. To read more about Tekiu’s team, please click here.