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This page provides information about the application form for our needs assessment workshops. Read more about T-DEB here.



 Preliminary workshop schedule at Teknopark Izmir



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend these workshops?

Any Turkish for-profit or not-for-profit company/organisation that is developing innovative solutions to unmet needs in Turkey is welcome to apply – but your company/organisation must be conducting some sort of research or development work to produce a new product or service that addresses an unmet need in Turkish society. There is no minimum or maximum limit on size of company/organisation.

What are ‘Needs Assessment’ workshops?

In these workshops the Tekiu team will inform you about the T-DEB programme and the potential benefits for your company, but also assess the particular needs that your company and the Turkish Smart Cities and Digital Economy sector in which you operate have. This ‘Needs Assessment’ is an important process for Tekiu to be able to find the best suited UK partners for your company or organisation to collaborate with, if you are successful in your application to join a trip to the UK.

How do I register for a workshop?

Apply for a place at one of our workshops by filling out an application form, which has two sections. The initial section takes just a couple of minutes and the second section (also obligatory) takes about 15 minutes to complete. Here we ask more detailed questions about your company and the innovation you are developing (to better help Tekiu assess your eligibility).

What is the application deadline for the workshops?

Applications will be processed on a rolling/continuous basis and there are limited spaces, so fill out the forms as soon as you can. Successful applicants will be guaranteed a place on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Where will the workshops be held? 

The workshops are offered in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul at Tekiu’s Turkish partners’ facilities.  Exact venue details will be released to the accepted participants.

Will you provide transport to the workshops?

No, it is the responsibility of each participant to arrange their transport to/from the workshop venue.

What is Tekiu looking for in the application?

Admission to each workshop is on a competitive basis and the following criteria may be considered:

  • That your company’s vision is clear and your mission is measurable and attainable. It is positive if you include a very brief market assessment and competitive advantages in your answer.
  • Your management team’s expertise (one person must speak English). It is positive, but not necessary that your team members have previous experience of international collaborations.
  • Your product/service innovativeness – i.e. if you are doing ground-breaking work or planning to address a need in a novel way that would be of interest to a UK counterpart. It is positive, but not necessary if your company/organisation/team has won any awards for past work.
  • Your interest and commitment in conducting long-term collaborations with a UK partner. It is necessary that you display some initial ideas about what kind of collaboration you would be seeking in the UK.
  • That your work relates to developing a product or service that meets an unmet need in Turkey. It is positive, but not necessary that it also addresses needs in other countries incl. the UK.

Does my company fit the Smart Cities and Digital Economy theme?

The following examples of the types of companies that would fit within the theme. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you are still unsure if your company/organisation is eligible, please contact ekin@tekiu.org.

Smart Cities & Digital Economy:

  • Companies/Organisations providing products or services to municipal governments
  • Companies/Organisations providing solutions directly to citizens within an urban setting – these solutions pertaining to better life or work or transport in a city.
  • Companies/Organisations providing digital solutions for banking, secure transactions via the web, online market enables etc.
  • Companies/Organisations that stimulate the involvement of citizens in smart city and digital economy solutions

Can I amend a form that has already been submitted?

Unfortunately not. If you realise there are factual errors in your submission or a technical fault occurred during the filling out of the form, please contact ekin@tekiu.org

Can I share documents to support our application?

If there are any company brochures or CVs that you would like to share with us in support of your application, please email them to us at ekin@tekiu.org

How will our application be evaluated?

All companies will be evaluated according to factors important to the development of your innovation and potential for collaboration with a UK partner. These factors include but are not limited to the clear identification/explanation of the problems your company/organisation is trying to address, your interest in international collaboration, your potential for growth and potential to address societal needs. We will also judge the applications according to English fluency and the overall motivation to join the T-DEB programme. You can find a guide with selection criteria and examples of imaginary companies here.

What if I signed up for a workshop but I cannot attend?

We understand that emergencies happen. If you sign up for a workshop and cannot attend it please notify ekin@tekiu.org as soon as possible, so that we can offer your space to those on the waiting list.

What happens after the workshop?

After the workshop you will receive an email with a summary of workshop results and any updated information. At the workshop we will present a variety of ways that can help your company or organisation develop. One of these is a Discovery Trip to the UK. If you are interested in taking part in a T-DEB Discovery Trip, you will be asked to join a short video conference interview. This interview will be the final competitive stage, after which you will become a T-DEB supported company, receive bespoke help to find UK collaboration partners and join a trip to the UK in 2019.

What is the cost of participating in T-DEB?

T-DEB is a UK Government-funded project. Attendance to the workshop is free of charge. Participation in the Discovery Trip to the UK is also free of charge. Please note that charges for visa applications and transport costs within Turkey are not covered. There is a limited amount of support for accommodation for any companies/organisations having to travel from remote regions in Turkey to the workshops – if you consider yourself in this category, please contact ekin@tekiu.org to enquire about the availability of financial support.

I could not attend a workshop session. Can I still apply to take part in a Discovery Trip?

Yes, please consult www.tekiu.com/t-deb for any up-to-date information from the workshops already conducted and follow the links to the application forms for your particular stream.

For additional questions and information please contact ekin@tekiu.org



Application Form Guidance Notes

Form 1: T-DEB Workshop Application


Email address

Please enter a valid email address that is monitored by a person in the company who will be responsible for liaison with the T-DEB team. Ideally, this would be the person nominated by the company to participate in the project. We understand that in some cases the contact person may have to be someone else.

Name of the company

Please provide the full name of your company/non-profit organisation here. Note that participation is by company/non-profit organisation and not an individual basis.

Contact person name

Contact person needs to be the person that is in charge of the company’s participation in T-DEB. The T-DEB team would like to speak to a person in the company about the details of workshop participation, and whilst we hope this will be the same person who will participate in the workshop, we understand another person may be assigned to coordinate their logistics.

Contact phone number

We will communicate via email. However, we would like to keep your phone number on record for any urgent matters. If you wish not to enter your phone number for whatever reason, please only enter 0000000.

Which workshop theme would you like to attend?

Our workshops are divided by three themes. If you find that your activities fall under more than one theme (for instance, both healthcare and environmental technologies), please speak to us so we can help you choose the workshop that suits your needs most.


Form 2: T-DEB Workshop Application


Email address

Please re-enter the same email you have provided for the Registration of Interest form so that we can cross-check your application.

What are the vision and mission of your company? (max 100 words)

In order for us to understand your company better, please provide your company’s vision and mission statements. Alternatively, if your company website has a vision/mission page, you may also only provide a link to that page.

Describe the expertise of key team members in your company (max 100 words)

We expect T-DEB participants to hold managerial positions within their companies.

We are looking to better understand the background and experience of the key team members and how these contribute to the development of your company’s innovation. We expect that some companies and organisations will have a wide range of academic backgrounds, professional experiences, perspectives and expertise.

What is your company’s sector?  (max 50 words)

We welcome applications from a wide array of sectors operating in areas related to healthcare, environmental technologies and smart cities. Your company could be an IT company developing med tech solutions or an agricultural company developing an environmental technologies solution.

How is your company currently funded?  (max 100 words)

We would like to understand at what stage your company is. Please briefly describe the source(s) of your funding such grant funding, crowd-funding, venture capital investment, service procurement, etc.

List some of your company’s achievements (max 100 words)

Enter any information that demonstrates your company’s achievements. These include awards, finished and tested products, prototypes, investment, grants, R&D collaborations, etc. You can also include any information or projections about sales targets achieved/revenue. If there is a webpage that lists your company’s achievements, you may also provide that link.

What innovation are you working on that would benefit from a collaboration with the UK? (max 100 words)

As T-DEB aims to support collaborations in innovation between the UK and Turkey, it will be helpful for us to understand in what area your activities are focused on and in what ways you may benefit from a potential collaboration with the UK. We will consider supporting a wide array of collaboration areas such as technology transfer or business development support. Collaboration with the UK may help in any stage of your innovation within the R&D continuum.

What are you looking for in a collaboration with a UK company or organisation? What do you need help with? (max 100 words)

Collaborations with the UK may include counterpart organisations on both sides (for example, a Turkish SME matching with a British SME) but may also vary in size and type (for example, a Turkish NGO or company partnering with a municipal entity in the UK).

Please note that your answer will not be taken as the final description of your project involvement; in other words, we expect that the workshops and the T-DEB work together after the workshop will help you identify the exact collaboration that will support your company the most.

T-DEB is looking to support business partnerships that have the potential to address the needs of underserved communities. How could your company achieve this and which specific needs could you address? (max 100 words)

Do your innovative activities improve the conditions of underserved parts of the society such as the elderly, the disabled, the poor, or those with limited access? For example, if your company is developing smart navigation apps for the blind or medical monitoring devices for those living in remote mountainous communities, then talk about how your innovative products or services benefit these underserved communities.

Where did you hear about this workshop?

We would like to understand how our dissemination efforts have helped bring this project to your attention.

I understand that the workshops will be held in English

As there will no be translation at the workshop, it is essential that the participant speaks English. English level required is that of business fluency: participating companies should be able to converse about collaboration in innovation with potential partners in the UK.

For additional questions and information please contact ekin@tekiu.org