Discovery Trips

Tekiu tailor-makes technical visits and exchanges between organisations internationally. Our language skills and international networks have allowed us to arrange meetings with prime ministers, CEOs and chairpersons at organisations with global reputations. Our focus is on Europe, but ultimately with an eye to the global context. We work iteratively with our clients, responding to their needs to deliver programmes beyond their expectations. Our core competencies include biotech and healthcare, research and innovation systems, energy systems, and the digital economy.

“The Tekiu Discovery Trip to Switzerland was really well planned. We had interesting discussions in good company!” 
– Sofia Medin, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication, Sweden

“Ted is an excellent manager and very impressive in all his doing. This time he organized a trip to Holland for a steering group at the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences in March. For two days we got to know how the innovation system is working in The Netherlands. Together with nice experiences that was put together with the visit. Ted is probably the best person I know to organize, and also to write and perform.” 
– Håkan Gergils, Senior Advisor Entrepreneurship Foundation, Sweden


Doing It Together Science (DITOs)

Tekiu is one of 11 partners in a pan-European project about Citizen Science. Running over the course of 3 years (2016-2019) under Horizon 2020 funding and co-ordinated by the Extreme Citizen Science group at University College London, DITOs aims to build the institutional and policy foundations for sustained deep public engagement in science and technology in Europe. The people engaged throughout the various project activities will be able to contribute at a level of participation suitable for them, whether that is engaging in face-to-face community meetings, using a crowdsourcing app to log air quality or working in a citizen biolab.

Doing It Together Science (DITOs) will implement a varied programme offering spaces for both deliberation and participation across many locations in Europe, focussing on the active involvement of citizens in two critical areas of science: biodesign and environmental monitoring.

Throughout the project, Tekiu will run Discovery Trips for high profile decision makers to learn about and develop ways to support the citizen science practices taking place across Europe. Knowledge exchange between citizen science community members and these individuals will highlight the enormous innovation potential and social worth of the Citizen Science movement, helping to generate lasting and effective policy change.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 709443.



Citizens without borders

Tekiu also creates workshops, playshops and culturally-oriented activities for individuals that see themselves as or want to become ‘citizens without borders’. Our creativity, facilitation skills and location in one of Europe’s top cultural hubs enable us to deliver unique experiences, creating lasting change for the participants. The aim is to:

  • Explore our potential to tackle issues that hinder our freedoms by taking a critical look at our own ideological barriers.
  • Seek justice and creative solutions to our common challenges.
  • Innovate to create activities and practices, organisations and businesses that can work beyond and between borders.
  • Engage global citizens in civic action.
  • Nurture the capacity of people to go beyond the limits imposed by external beliefs, political borders, disciplines and categories.

It is possible to join citizens without borders free of charge to take part in activities organised through

Please follow the link to for more information.